Free cutting steel EN1A

Free cutting steel round bar is a very popular grade of low carbon-manganese free cutting steel, which is most suitable for the manufacture of repetition turned components, such as nuts, bolts, hydraulic fittings and studs, particularly where intricate drilling and machining operations are involved. It can be case-hardened, producing components with enhanced wear resistance. EN1A, also known as 230M07. EN1A is low carbon mild steel. Properties: free cutting, suitable for machining using both automatic and CNC machines. Available in square, round, flat or hexagon form. Equivalent to AISI 1113.

Free cutting steel EN8M

EN8M Products such as EN8M Flat Bar, EN8M Hex Bar and EN8M Round Bar.Preheat the steel carefully, then raise temperature to 1050°C for forging. Do not forge below 850°C. After forging cool slowly, preferably in a furnace.Heat slowly to 680-710°C, soak well. Cool slowly in the furnace.Heat the component slowly to 820-860°C and allow it to be heated through. Quench in oil or water.Temper the EN8 component immediately after quenching whilst tools are still hand warm. Re-heat the EN8 component to the tempering temperature then soak for one hour per 25 millimetre of total thickness (2 hours minimum) Cool in air. For most applications tempering of EN8 will be between 550-660°C.

Free cutting steel EN15AM

Carbon steels contain carbon as the key alloying element. They are designated by AISI four-digit numbers, and contain 0.4% of silicon and 1.2% of manganese. Molybdenum, chromium, nickel, copper, and aluminum are present in small quantities. Impurities such as sulfur and phosphorous may also be found in these steels. High machinability, used in automatic and CNC machines in mass production of components like Engine Shafts, Connecting components like Engine Shafts, Connecting rods, Spindles etc.


EN 15AM is widely used for many general engineering applications. Typical applications include shafts, studs, bolts, connecting rods, screws, rollers.

Free cutting steel EN1A LEADED

EN1A LEADED 230M07Pb is a low carbon steel designed for high speed machining for multi turned parts. Controlled analysis to ensure consistent quality and maximum tool life. Swarf will form in small chips to prevent machine blockage. The addition of lead will enhance machinability.EN1APb/230Mo7Pb is a low carbon leaded free cutting steel, bright drawn or smooth turned with a consistently excellent level of machinability. The addition of lead plus the high sulphur and phosphorous levels form a lubricating effect resulting in extremely improved machinability with little affect on the mechanical properties.