Plastic Mould Steel P20

Plastic mould steel round bar good hardenability and abrasion resistance.With high oxidation resistance, good corrosion protection after quenching and polishing and little deformation through heat treatment.It is Used to manufacture different kinds of cold work moulds with high accuracy and long service life, cutting tools and measuring instruments. Such as complex-shaped piercing dies, threading screw plates, cold-extruding dies, cold-cutting scissors, precision measuring tools.

Plastic Mould Steel P20

Low-carbon mold steels or group P steels are of different types that include P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P20, and P21 steels. Chromium and nickel are the main alloying elements found in group P steels.P20 tool steels are nitrided or carburized. These steels are capable of being machined into complex and large dies and molds. P20 steels are mostly used in the carburized condition. The presence of chromium and nickel enhances the toughness and hardness of P20 steels.

Plastic Mould Steel P20+S

P20+S is a high tensile alloy tool steel grade supplied in the hardened and tempered condition. With its higher sulphur content it offer better machinability than P20 plastic mould tool steel grade.Heat the P20S component slowly, allow sufficient time for the steel to become heated through. Begin to forge at 1050°C. Do not forge below 930°C reheating if necessary. After forging, cool very slowly.Tool steel P20+S is ideally suited for the production of moulds where improved machinability is required. Typical applications include bolsters and injection moulds, die holders and zinc die casting dies. P20S is a versatile plastic mould tool steel with high tensile characteristics suitable for many other applications such as shafts and wear strips.

Plastic Mould Steel P20+NI

Prehardened plastic mold steel, hardness in as-supplied condition 280-320 HB The high nickel content (1%) is specially adapted to ensure a perfect homogeneity of structure and hardness through thickness even for very thick blocks, good polishability, adequate corrosion resistance, good machinability.P20 Ni:Good mechanical property & quenching.P20 Ni:Excellent Polished Performance.P20 Ni:High brightness.

Plastic Mould Steel AISI STAVEX

Moulds for chemically aggressing Plastics & Plastics containing abrasive Filters.Whilst STAVAX ESR is recommended for all types of moulding tools, its special properties make it particularly suitable for moulds with the following demands: Corrosion/staining resistance, i.e. for mould-ing of corrosive materials, e.g. PVC, acetates, and for moulds subjected to humid working/storage conditions.Wear resistance, i.e. for moulding abrasive/ filled materials, including injection-moulded thermosetting grades. STAVAX ESR is recom¬mended for moulds with long production runs, e.g. disposable cutlery and containers.

Plastic Mould Steel AISI RAMEX

RAMAX S is a chromium alloyed stainless holder steel, which is supplied in the hardened and tem¬pered condition. RAMAX S is characterized by Excellent machinability,Good corrosion resistance,Uniform hardness in all dimensions,Good indentation resistance.