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Grade Introduction:
The term Mild Steel applies to all low carbon steel that does not contain any alloying elements in its makeup and has a carbon content that does not exceed 0.25%. The term “Mild” is used to cover a wide range of specifications and forms for a variety of Steel.
Mild Steel is used in mechanical engineering applications for parts that will not be subject to high stress.
When in its bright cold drawn condition the steel is able to endure higher levels of stress, particularly on smaller diameters.
Compared to normal Mild Steel, bright Mild Steel provides tighter sectional tolerances, increased straightness, and a much cleaner surface. The main advantage of cold drawn Steel is that Steel can be brought closer to the finished machine size, providing reduces machining costs. Another benefit of bright Steel bars is a marked increase in physical strength over hot rolled bars of the same section.
EN1A (also known as BS 970 230M07) is bright Mild Steel noted for its low carbon content. This Steel is especially good for free cutting, where a large volume of products are required. It can be formed by rolling or drawing and the machining of EN1A is fine of both automatic and CNC machines.
Grade Application:
EN1A (230M07) can be used in a broad range of commercial applications which include:
  •  Control linkages, shafts, low stress hubs, casings and handles
  •  Brake hose ends, hydraulic parts
  •  Brake pistons, wheel nuts and inserts
  •  Gearbox components (if case-hardened)
  •  Padlock shackles, vice jaws
  •  Studs, nuts and bolts
Equivalent grades:
BS970: 1955 EN1A, BS970/PD970: 1970 onwards 230M07. 
Related European grades: 9SMn28, BS En 11SMn30
Werkstoff no. 1.0715
US Grades SAE (AISI) 1213, 1215.
Addition to other grades:
MS, EN3b, EN8, EN8d, EN9, EN19, EN24, EN31, EN32b, EN36c, EN41b, EN43b, EN47, EN353, IS2062, 42Crmo4, HCHCR, D2, D3, H-11, H-13, CW-1, OHNS, M2, M35, M42, 2714, SKD-11, P20, P20+s, P20+Ni, SCM 420, ASTM Sa-36, ASTM SA-105, SAE 1018, SAE 1020, SAE 4140, SAE 8620, 16MNCR5, 20MNCR5, C20, C35, C40, C45, C50, C60, CK45, 20C8, 40C8, 45C8, 55C8, C55MN75, SAE52100, S40C, S355J2G3.
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Chemical composition:
The following table shows the chemical composition of EN1A steel:
Content (%)
0.10 Max
0.07 Max
Mechanical Properties:
Tensile StrengthMPa Min.
Yield StrengthMPa Min.
Elongation %
Cold drawn
Turned & Polished


Heat treatment:
Carbonization of EN1A bright Mild Steel takes place at 900-950°C (1652°F- 1742°F) then it is furnace or air cooled.
EN1A can be tempered at 180-210 °C (356 °F- 410°F) then should be left to cool in air.
The Mild Steel can be hardened at 780-800°C (1436°F- 1472°F) then quenched in oil or water. However this is difficult to do with EN1A and is not recommended. 
Physical Properties:
Thermal Properties:
Forging Properties:
Stress Reliving:
Machine ability:
Due to the low carbon content of EN1A it is not recommended that this Mild Steel is used for welding. 
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